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Hi there! My name's Melanie!

I'm a resident here in Hattiesburg with my husband Paul, who is my partner in crime.

The majority of my life, I've worked with events; from working as director of my high school plays to working in the creation and execution of college and community events, I have always loved being in the heart of production. After college, I planned my own wedding as well as helped my friend in the planning of her wedding. 

Before making event planning a career, I took a small detour. I graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi (To The Top!) with a bachelor's in Accounting and worked in this field for four years. During this time, something always felt like it was missing. 

So I went back to beginning, thinking about what I loved and where I was happiest, and took a three month internship for event planning in Colorado just to get into the nitty gritty of the field. This is when I decided I definitely wanted to work in event planning, specifically weddings, for the rest of my life!

Covid did put a pause on this journey for me (and possibly many of you) but now I'm ready to help you make your day the perfect day it should be!

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